5 Reasons You Should Own a Taser

In a world full of life-threatening dangers, it is only wise to have an effective self-protection device such as a taser. A taser is an electroshock weapon that disrupts the muscle control of an attacker immobilizing them. It uses electric current and can be used for either close or far range self-defense. Upon shooting, the taser fires two metal darts at the attacker.Wondering where to get a taser? You can find taser guns for sale. Below are reasons you should own a taser.

It is a Less-Lethal Weapon

A taser has the ability to subdue your attacker without having a high potential of causing death. Studies have shown that a taser is a safe self-defense weapon with a low incidence of severe injuries while mitigating attack situations. Inquiring where to buy a stun gun and whether or not it is illegal? The good news is that the taser is a legal weapon and you do not need to get a license in most states in order to purchase it.

It Is Safe

You can be able to fire at your attacker from a range of 15 feet. This means that you do have to get to close to your assailant to tackle him. Once your attacker is immobilized, you can quickly run to safety. This makes the taser an ideal self-defense weapon.

Enhances Your Protection

A taser is meant to enhance your personal safety and security. This device is able to immobilize anyone who wants to cause you harm. It gives you a chance to protect yourself. With a taser, you know that you are not alone. You will live with less worry and less fear.

It Is Effective

The taser is an advanced defense tool that is able to immobilize your assailant for about 30 seconds. It is fast on the target, that is, its built-in laser allows you to aim quickly and accurately.

Ease of Use

It is not only comfortable to carry but also easy to use. Tasers have battery indicators that make sure you know these home defense weapons will work the moment you need them. And best of all you can purchase them online in most states.