Email Difficulties We All Want to Avoid

It is hard to believe that people just two decades ago still communicated through phone and snail mail. Snail mail is, of course, referring to the envelopes delivered by the United States Postal Service to your mailbox in your front yard. I’m not sure about you, but my actual mailbox is now more like a lawn decoration than anything. It doesn’t get much use anymore.

The phone and mailbox have now been replaced by texting and email. Most of us seldom even use our phones to make calls anymore. Communication is completed through brief texting and emailing back and forth. The electronic age is upon us, and most of us do not mind so much. Talking on the phone has been replaced by emojis and gifs. It’s a new age, and new problems come along with it. That junk mail we used to receive in our mailbox is now showing up in our email, and it is just as annoying.

Email Scammers

Email scammers deserve to have horrible deaths inflicted upon them. They prey on the weak, elderly, and unknowing. The most difficult part is that if you are not aware they are a scam they can trick you into allowing access to your bank accounts, credit cards, or anything else they want to. I was at the bank just the other day when an elderly woman found out she lost thousands of dollars to an email scammer that she thought was going to be depositing money into her bank account. Instead the thief took the account number and also took her savings.


No matter how tricky our passwords may be, the right hacker can still figure it out and get access to our emails. Sometimes they use the information from our emails to hack into other accounts, and other times they enter our contacts list and send out spam emails to our friends and family. As easy as the internet and our cell phones have made it to communicate, it has also provided new ways of stealing our information and using it to hurt all involved.

Emails that Last Forever

If you do not enter into your email settings that you would like emails to be deleted after a certain amount of time has passed, they will essentially last forever. Why does it matter if an email hangs around in cyberspace for infinity and beyond? There are personal matters that we all deal with through email. These matters might be something that we do not want the whole world to know about. We mistakenly believe that when we send and receive emails that we will be the only ones ever reading it, but unfortunately that is not true. Creating email settings to empty folders frequently and erasing all the information in the trash folder can save us embarrassment down the road.

Email Continuity

This may be a new one for some, but email continuity is a problem for many businesses. If there is a fire, flood, or some other catastrophe that affects the internet or the server room in the business, it can prevent all emails from being accessed, sent, and received. You can quickly see why this would be a serious problem for the thousands of online businesses that communicate mainly through email. This type of problem could virtually end a business dead in its tracks. An online business that can’t take online orders will soon be out of business.

Luckily, in this case, there is a solution to the problem. There is an email continuity service that can save your business from having to experience these problems. They will create temporary email accounts by using webmail interface and allow all email usage to continue.