Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Restrooms


There are many different types of mobile restrooms available. Some of them are porta potties; others are luxury restroom trailers. You can also find ADA-compliant portable restrooms. 

Porta potties

Portable restrooms are self-contained restroom units that can be quickly moved from one location to another. They can be manually moved or be carried using mechanical equipment. These units do not require any pre-existing infrastructure or services. As a result, they are a convenient and cost-effective option for temporary restroom facilities.

Before deciding on the number of mobile restrooms to rent, determine the number of attendees and duration of the event. Consider whether you’ll need men’s and women’s restrooms. If you’re serving alcohol, you may want to rent extra units. It is also a good idea to have separate portable toilets for men and women. While many porta potties are equipped with male-only urinals, most women feel more comfortable using restroom facilities reserved exclusively for their gender.

Portable restrooms are particularly useful during disasters. Natural disasters can result in the loss of sewer and septic infrastructure and onsite restroom facilities. Additionally, onsite facilities may not be adequate to accommodate the large influx of people. In these situations, relief personnel and emergency managers often call on portable restrooms. During a disaster, people need access to a restroom quickly and easily.

Luxury restroom trailers

Luxury mobile restroom trailers provide better sanitation, space, and style than porta potties. In addition, they provide a more comfortable environment for guests at events. Because they are larger, these restroom trailers can accommodate more significant traffic volumes and have better lighting and real glass mirrors. These features make it a better option for special events than porta potties. If you are unsure about the best choice for your event, consult a professional to ensure you have everything you need to make the most of this type of trailer.

Luxury mobile restroom trailers need a flat, level surface to operate. While this doesn’t have to be a paved driveway, the trailer will operate more smoothly if the surface is flat. When bringing a trailer to a venue, it’s best to park it on a wide enough driveway to accommodate both the trailer and a vehicle. Otherwise, drivers will have to navigate on grass.

Luxury portable restrooms have various standard features, including coat hooks and wastebaskets, soap dispensers, and towel dispensers. Many of them also include entry and exit doors. In addition, some come with porcelain sinks, toilets, and urinals. These units also have partitioned stalls for privacy.

ADA-compliant portable restrooms

ADA-compliant portable restrooms meet all the regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The act prevents discrimination against people with disabilities and provides comprehensive regulations regarding public accommodations. Among other things, these restrooms provide accessible toilets, interior grab bars, and a fully-turnaround design. Many ADA-compliant restrooms also feature a baby changing station.

The ADA requires that at least five percent of portable restrooms be accessible to people with disabilities. This means that at least one wheelchair-accessible unit should be available at every 20 standard portable restrooms. If you’re hosting a significant event or are preparing for a large-scale construction project, ADA-compliant portable restrooms are essential.

Portable restrooms that meet ADA regulations should be placed where they are most needed. The ADA-compliant portable restrooms provide easy access for people with disabilities. They should also have ramps and entry landings.