How to Avoid Common Tax Filing Mistakes

Nobody truly enjoys filing their tax returns but it is unfortunately a necessary evil which we all must do when the financial year ends. In order to ensure that the process goes as simply as it possibly can, it is vital that you avoid making any mistakes which could cause you to refile or even face punishment such as charges or perhaps worse. If you want to do things properly and ensure that you get back all the tax credits that you are owed then you could use a professional company to help you out. Many companies like Shred financing actually offer the benefits of tax credits for certain sectors of business and if you are working with companies such as this then you need to ensure that all of the credits come back to you.


To ensure that your return is field properly and that your business will be in line to get back all of the money which you’re owed, here are some common mistakes which people make on tax returns that you should be avoiding.

Math Errors

Year after year the most consistent problem that is made with tax returns is errors in math calculations. This can be easily avoided if you use automated software but even if you do decide to do tax returns on paper then it is vital that you triple check your workings out. The first thing that the tax authorities will check for is correct math calculations and if you have made a mistake then it will be rejected immediately.

Misspelled Names

The names of your employees and both your and your family’s name must be written exactly the way that it is on the social security register. This case often occurs with new moves who have either not yet changed their name on the social security register or have had their maiden name written on to the tax return by mistake. This can cause your tax return to be dismissed or for the process to be dramatically slowed down, either way it will cause you some problems.

Social Security Numbers

The third most popular mistake when filing tax returns is incorrect social security numbers being filled in. If the tax authorities notice an incorrect number or a number that does not match up to the person on the form, they will instantly reject it. Make sure before you file that you have everyone’s number recorded correctly.

Missing Signatures

Despite the simplicity of the task, there is a worryingly large portion of tax returns which are filed without a signature, rendering the form void. This is an embarrassing mistake to make and one that is so easy to complete that it simply is not worth having to file the return again, just because you missed the signature.

Most mistakes that are made with tax returns are incredibly simple and easily avoidable so ensure that you have thoroughly checked through the return and that you have completed every piece of criteria with accuracy before it gets sent away.