How to Find the Best Personal Investment Blog

Smart investing is one of the core principles of good money management. In order to make the wisest choices on where to put your money to ensure that it yields maximum returns, you need to start learning about personal investment, and a personal investment blog is a good place to start. In the past, this may have been quite difficult due to a paucity of resources and a closed-shop environment that required you to conduct your business through a stockbroker via phone or mail.

Fortunately, the internet has democratized the world of investing in a way in an unprecedented way. But while you now have the opportunity to buy almost any stock and share with the click of a button, many people today miss out on the sage advice that used to be provided by a competent investment advisor. 

Investing without much knowledge of the market can be a risky business. However, the internet has also allowed expert investors a platform on which to share their investment knowledge in the form of blogs. Not all investment blogs are worth reading, but if you know where to look, you can find some extremely helpful advice. In this post, we will show you how to identify the useful blogs from the no so useful ones.

Who Is Writing the Blog?

Unfortunately, the internet today is full of people who are trying to make a name for themselves but whose investment advice is not quite as sound as they would have you believe. Look for a blog that is written by someone who knows that they are talking about and has a career in investment to back up their advice. Look for a blog that gives details on its writer’s resume, including how many years they have in the industry and where they have worked.

Regular Updates

The world of stocks and shares moves incredibly fast. This is especially true at times of economic volatility. Make sure that blog you choose is updated as frequently as possible. Investment advice has a short shelf life. If you are investing based on advice that was issued weeks or months ago, it is very likely that you will have lost the edge when it comes time to buy shares or commodities. 

The Big Picture

Identifying profitable investment opportunities depends on paying heed to a broad range of economic indicators. You should choose a blog written by someone who bases their advice not on hunches, but rather on sound calculations and reasoning that weighs up as many different market permutations as possible. A good blog will spend time explaining why the investments that it suggests are profitable in terms that are not over complicated.

If you have worked hard for your money, you will want to make sure that you invest it wisely. Choosing the right personal investment blog may be your ticket to maximizing the returns on your investments. If you apply the advice above when scoping out investment blogs online, you will soon stumble upon a blog to help you hit your investment goals.