What you need to know to achieve success as a businessperson

If you’re determined to become one of the few businesspeople like Jarle Thorsen, who is able to achieve phenomenal success and who is able to build a high performing business empire, which brings in a sizeable profit, simply continue reading to discover everything you need to know to achieve great success in the business world!

What you need to know in order to achieve success as a businessperson:

1. Use other people’s money in order to fund your business

Don’t make the mistake of funding your business entirely with your own money as if something goes wrong, you’ll run the risk of losing all of your investment. Instead, use your bank’s money in order to finance your latest business venture.

Alternatively, if you don’t mind parting with a small stake of your business, you may want to offer up a small stake of your business to wealthy stakeholders, who’ll be able to provide your business with a large cash injection. You may even be interested in seeking investments from overseas investors who are based in Hong Kong.

If you’re lucky enough to attract experienced business owners, to bid on a stake of your business, they may also be willing to act as business mentors, who’ll be able to give you advice in order to assist you in growing your burgeoning business.

2. Consider what type of business you’d like to launch

As an example, you may want to consider setting up a pyramid style business, which will reward individuals who refer individuals to your business. If your business will boast a membership section, under a pyramid style scheme any individuals who successfully refer new individuals to sign up for membership of your business, will receive a small cash payment for successfully promoting and expanding your business’ reach.

3. Aim to be as business savvy as possible, like successful business owner Jarle Thorsen

If you want to follow the successful example of entrepreneur Jarle Thorsen, it’s well worth researching the inspirational story of how Thorsen built a business empire from scratch. After he launched his very first business, Unaico. Which has been in operation for 9 years.

What advice does Thorsen give to newbie business owners? Thorsen advises fellow business owners to think out of the box and to come with innovative solutions to any problems which may arise. Thorsen also advises entrepreneurs to try and be as well informed and business savvy as possible.

4. Try to find parallels between successful businesses

As an example, you may want to look for parallels between the success of the American company Exergonix, which focuses on energy storage and is based out of Kansas and the success of Jarle Thorsen’s first business Unaico.

As once you start to see patterns between a variety of top performing businesses, you’ll discover a formula which you’ll be able to learn from and replicate, in order to help your business grow from strength to strength!

So if you’re determined to achieve a high level of success as a business owner, it’s well worth taking all of the handy pieces of advice listed above, in order to reach your goals.