Planning a Networking Event for Investors

Investing today has gotten more sophisticated today with the need for anyone involved on any level to have a great understanding and better access to the information and people who are involved in the industry alongside you and the key people in the investment target companies.

So whether you’re playing the markets, are an angel investor or venture capitalist looking for the next big thing before it breaks, real business insight comes from connecting with the founders, CEOs, and other investors who can get and keep you in the know. This post will take those with an interest in planning a local or national investors’ networking event, from planning to execution. Here are the key steps:

Choose the Right Location

We choose to host your investors networking event can make all the difference in terms of its success. The venue you choose and the city you select needs to be one that can accommodate the size of event you plan. The right City will have a big enough Airport, the right type of transportation from the airport to the event, and a process forgetting attendees easily from the airport to the venue.

In terms of the venue, it should be ideal for the type of event you proposed. If you need a large event that has an intimate feel, make sure that the location you select can meet these needs. If you need a smaller venue that has an option of expanding into a larger one, put these needs at the heart of your choosing a venue. Also keep in mind that the venue you select will set the tone and mood of the event. Make sure that the venue can ideally portray the feeling you want at the event.

Plan Private Transportation

You should never assume that attendees will be able to easily get from their current location to the venue. Instead, you should provide detailed maps, place a location on apps like Google Maps and Waze, And as importantly you should provide transportation from key locations. One great idea is to provide a private shuttle bus service to ferry guests to and from the venue. You can hire a charter rental bus service to operate the buses at convenient hours and make sure your attendees understand when it will begin and end during the day. This strategy guarantees that everyone will arrive at the event in time to take advantage of the festivities.

Book Appropriate Speakers:

When you bring in a compelling speaker to your networking event, it will have the effective stating the topics to be covered, introducing subjects that your organization would like considered by the attendees, and it provides a great opportunity 4 bonding the group under a general theme. Additionally it get your attendees to come together in one area which can be a great catalyst for starting meaningful conversations and networking and finding investors for your business.

Establish Tracks

One of the most challenging things to get right at a networking event is deciding upon subject matters for speakers, and any classes or smaller conferences planned at the event. If you are having a challenge trying to select between several important topics to include, the best approaches to accommodate all of them. This might mean having a speeches on several topics and having smaller conferences on others. This will ensure that all attendees feel that they are being catered to it will also stimulate conversation and interaction between everyone attending your networking event.

Plan Networking Time

Too often companies create amazing networking events that are filled with speeches and conferences and activities for the attendees, and what is lacking is the time for them to actually network. Networking requires uninterrupted time with no distractions, where people can get together in a comfortable setting to introduce themselves to each other, bond, and talk about important topics.  This is the most valuable process and the most valuable time during your networking event. So make sure that it is the highlight of your networking event and attendees are given enough time to do what they hoped to come there and do, make new contacts, drum up some business, and meet many of the people that they wanted to speak with regarding important decisions they’re looking to make.

Plan your investor networking event out completely before you make any decisions regarding the venue, speakers, and other elements of your event. Bass the decisions that you make on what is best and what fits the needs most of those attending.