Reasons Why You Should be Investing Your Money in Oil  

If you are sitting on some savings or have some money in reserve accounts or private funds then its time you considered looking to grow your wealth. There are many options available to you, high interest savings accounts, the stock market, even gambling, trading in oil however is something that I recommend you do to increase your wealth.


 I started a few years back with an investment company called JBH Consulting, after checking them out I found them to have a successful track record and had a reputation for customer service. I also did my research on company president Brian Hudnall, a savvy finance guru with a passion for oil that his company shared, I was in. Since that day I have never looked back, my money has grown year on year and I can’t recommend trading in oil enough, here are a few more reasons why.

 Buy Low

 The greatest saying in sales, buy low, sell high, but how do you know when the price is low? How do you know if the price will increase, or go lower? The truth is that you never truly know but right now, oil prices are the lowest that they’ve been since the 1990’s, a perfect time to begin your investments. Oil prices repeatedly fluctuate and most experts predict that the price soon will begin to rise, get in now.

 Lack of Supplies

 There is no oil crisis in the World, we have trillions of barrels of oil left and we still have untapped reserves beneath us, that said, oil supplies are diminishing, albeit slowly. What this reduction in oil supplies will gradually do is raise the price of oil, the simple supply and demand equation. Now, since time began there have been those saying that we are going to run out of oil and they have consistently been proven wrong, whether this is the case again is irrelevant, the point is that the market moves in line with future predictions so your price will still rise.

 Slowing Shale

 Shale gas drilling has given the oil industry a knock as more companies seek to find different forms of natural gas. OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) has released information about OPEC and non OPEC countries that are facing difficulty with the decrease in oil prices. This year, there have been requests, which look likely to be accepted at this stage, for shale drilling to be slowed in the US. Doing this will help to increase the oil price, company profits and encourage a better stock performance.

 From Russia With Love

 Russia, along with Saudi Arabia and Venezuela have decided to freeze their oil production levels this year. This is a huge step towards a higher oil price as the impact of a slight increase or decrease in the oil production of these huge states can alter the stock price incredibly. Thankfully, the higher demand as a result of the lower supply will not only send prices up, but also the stock price.