Things Applicants and Bosses Should Know About Today’s Job Market

The modern job market is far different than that of the past. Technology has changed everything including how we search for jobs, what we look for in applicants, and how to hire the best talent. Here are some tips both applicants and bosses should know about today’s job market.

Job Ads Are Dying
Only 1/4 jobs is now found using traditional job postings. That means three out of four positions are being filled using non-traditional methods such as social media, recruitment software, hiring agencies, or word of mouth. What this means for applicants is stop looking out at the classifieds section of the paper and contact a recruiter, check social media, or start making industry connections. For companies looking to hire that means utilize social media, create a desirable workplace where candidates will seek you out, and utilize high tech solutions like TMS (Talent Management Software.)

Embrace Flexibility
In the age of start-ups, agility is key for successful hiring. It is not uncommon for applicants to have two pages of past employers, especially in the tech field. While decades ago this was seen as red flag, today this is a badge of honor, showing the candidate has been freelancing and learning from a variety of sources.  Also, employers need to be aware it is not uncommon for many young professionals to have several interests and side-gigs so part-time roles might be lucrative than they have in the past.  Work from home is also becoming increasingly common and can be a great way for companies to lure high quality talent. Many millennials are honest about what they are looking for in a company so if employers and candidates engage in a real dialogue there is plenty of room for success by embracing the fluidity of the modern workplace.

Things Applicants and Bosses Should Know About Today's Job MarketExpectations Are Changing (Slowly in Places)
A suit used to be across the board for any job interview but today it would be unheard of and might mark you as out of touch in some companies. So both employers and candidates need to realize this and be adaptable. Bosses should be know that if they are requiring a suit and tie each day, they may be missing out on some truly exceptional talent in today’s job market, how important is your dress code that you can sacrifice innovation? Perspective employees should also be aware that not all offices are like Silicon Valley and many still keep very traditional practices. In this period of transition it pays for candidates to do their homework, research the particular industry and company you are applying, dress and act accordingly.

The things applicants and bosses should know about today’s job market show that while some things are very different than they were even ten years ago, some things haven’t changed in a century. Being aware of the state of today’s job market will help bring candidates and employers expectations together and provide outlets for talented professionals as well bringing innovative and creative employees into the workplace.