What Are the Best Ways to Invest Your Cash?

What are the best ways to invest my money? I get asked this question a lot and the harsh truth is that every type of investment you could make carries with it a level of risk, there is no surefire way of guaranteeing profit, the trick is knowledge and timing. Timing is something that only a handful of people in the World can consistently get right, even investment giants like Merrill Lynch make investment errors, making mistakes is where the knowledge comes in, learning from mistakes you make and being smart enough to get out if quickly if they happen. So the question is, where do you invest your money, as mentioned, knowledge is power so you should pick an area that you know about or are prepared to learn about, here are some of the most popular places that people invest their cash and why.


Real Estate

Bricks and mortar have proven to be excellent investments and over the years have turned many into very rich people. Buildings are no longer somewhere just to live or work, they are essentially large stacks of money whose value changes regularly. Speaking personally I have done very well in the commercial property industry, investing my money in office buildings and factory units have paid great dividends. If you are to enter into this world then I suggest using a broker, I use The Welfont Group, they are industry experts who manage my investments, negotiate on my behalf and ensure that I get the best properties at the best prices, I’d advise you to find a broker who can do the same.

Stocks and Shares

Stocks and shares are arguably the slightly more riskier strategy when it comes to investing your money, stick prices go up and down with regularity and once you’ve invested you will need to know when is the right time to take your money out. If you have industry knowledge and patience then this could be the area of investment for you, any ideas you may have of buying penny stocks and selling them at $4 per share however may be a little optimistic to say the least. With stocks, as with anything, the more you invest, the more you can profit but with stocks and shares, there is equally more risk attached.

Start Ups

Some of the biggest investment companies in the World make the large share of their profits by investing in start ups, getting in early gives you a great chance to see profits should the new business go on to achieve success. My advice would be to invest in an area of business that you have prior knowledge of in order to best decide whether you think the company will be successful. Remember that start ups rely on investment to get them off the ground so they will naturally pitch their business as the best thing since sliced bread. Many investors lose money by putting their money in businesses that were never going to succeed so ensure that you know their business and their industry inside out before parting with any of your hard earned cash.