How to Fly on a Private Jet for the Price of a Commercial Flight


Without a doubt, flying on a commercial flight can be stressful. You endure long queues at check-in and stand in line for hours at security, only to be squashed into a mid-row seat to fly at an unsociable time. Add the laptop and electronics ban into the equation, and travelling for business passengers can become a logistical nightmare. Thankfully, there is a solution.

Enter private jets. This may be an option you’ve never considered, because you believed flying on a private jet would be far beyond your price range but with a little know how, that is not always the case.

Here are a couple of tips to help you fly on a private jet for the same price – or sometimes even less – than a commercial ticket.

Delay Booking

When searching for a vacation, leaving it until the last minute can have huge pay offs, allowing travellers to grab luxury breaks for a fraction of the original price. When looking for a private jet, it helps to use the same strategy. When booking ahead, a private flight can cost thousands, but buying just before you fly can reduce the price by up to 75%. This means that booking a last minute private flight is often cheaper than its commercial equivalent.

Unclaimed Flights

Flying on a private jet allows for more freedom and flexibility about departure and arrival points, as these smaller aircraft are able to access thousands of smaller airports across the globe. As such, this means that there are often return flights without any passengers – these are commonly referred to as empty leg flights. In this scenario, companies offer huge discounts to tempt flyers and avoid losses on staff wages and fuel costs.

Empty Seats

Empty leg flights are a fantastic option if you’re flying as a group, whether for a vacation or as a business trip, as the total cost can then be split, resulting in huge savings for all. However, if you’re flying solo, then searching for an empty seat may be your best bet. By booking an empty seat flight at the last minute, you could save hundreds, beating the price of a same day commercial ticket.

Flying on a private jet comes with a whole host of benefits, including a better service, privacy, more departure times and no waiting – simply arrive, board and fly. And with these tips, now you can fly in style for just a fraction of the cost.