Everyone Must Try These Four Free Money Management Tools

There are numerous Free Money Management Tools that can help your money grow
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Do you want to grow your wealth? If yes, then you need to manage your money in the most effective manner. Rich people keep track of their money; therefore they have enough money for their life and emergencies. These days, it is quite hard to keep track of spending on an expense register. In such case, you can rely on free money management tools. You are able to either use web versions of such tools or install their application on your mobile. No matter what option you pick, you get a chance to get full control over your money. Let’s get an idea about 4 tools that help you manage money free of cost.


It is very famous tools, which help you use a free budgeting program. You can keep a full track of finances with it. You can track almost every aspect of your finances via it such as your bank accounts, daily expenses, and credit cards. Etc. You can manage everything at a centralized location. You can install its mobile applications on your tablet or smartphone. This tool is very simple and easy to use. You are able to check where your money is going and where you are spending extra cash through visual graphs. This application is completely automatic. Enter data in this tool and you are able to get information in different forms.

2.Smarty Pig

You might have many different saving goals. If you want to keep track of all goals at one place then you should use this great tool. You need to open a saving account with this tool. It helps you save money for your special goals such as new home, new car, new laptop, educational fee, etc. This tool lets you share your goals on your social accounts. So, when you share information about your goals with your friends then you try to fulfil it at any cost. The benefit of this tool is that you can reach your one-time financial goal easily via it.


If you like to save money on your shopping then it is quite possible through this tool. You are able to get sale coupons, discount codes, discount vouchers, etc. very easily via it. This is free application, which helps you see what coupons are available for a specific item you are going to buy from a retail store. You can save money while shopping in a local or online store or look for deals on news channels.

4.Award Wallet

Do you like to enter into reward programs? Everyone likes to get freebies once they reach specific point limit. If you like the same then you might be participating in multiple programs. It is hard to keep a proper balance of all such programs. So, it is good o use Award wallet tool. It helps you keep tracks of your spending, rewards and points. You can balance multiple programs at same place. It is easy for you to know what you have available to redeem.