How and Why to Plan an Investor’s Conference in Toronto

Toronto is Canada’s biggest city and the one that most people discuss when they talk about this wonderful country. The reason is that it is a world class city with amenities that rival some of the top cities in the world.

This is particularly the case regarding business. Toronto is one of North America’s business hubs with many of Canada’s top businesses calling it home. It is also a city that is thriving in new business growth and as a result it attracts lots of investors.

For this reason, Toronto is ideal for hosting an investor conference. If you have this in mind, Here are the things that you can do to host a successful investor’s conference in Toronto.

Plan to Provide Transportation for Your Guests

The best way to make sure that attendees get to your event safely and on time is to provide transportations to and from the event. You need to provide transportation at central locations and for anyone arriving via the airport or bus stations. Toronto is a big city and attendees can easily get lost or end up stuck in traffic. There are plenty of bus rental options in Toronto to make sure that conference attendees can easily get to-and-from the airport, their hotel, or other shuttle bus pick-up points without having to worry about navigating the city on their own. Providing comfortable air conditioned and heated buses with professional drivers allows them to relax and leave the driving to someone else.


Make Sure You Select the Right Venue

Selection of the venue will make all of the difference in terms of the quality and success of your conference. You need to make sure of the following for your venue:

  1. Is it convenient? Can you easily get to the venue from all parts of the city? Is there easy access to the airport major bus stations and other forms of transportation? Can you locate it easily if you do not know the city?
  2. Can the venue accommodate the needs of guests? You want to make sure that the venue can accommodate all of your guests and fulfill their needs. You should make sure that they have wheelchair access and can accommodate people with mobility issues. The venue should also meet all legal requirements for those with other handicaps. You should specifically inquire about the bathrooms, elevators and entrances. Also there should be seating space for wheelchairs in any of the meeting halls or rooms.

Book the Best Available Relevant Speakers

One of the things that makes for a wonderful conference is the speakers you hire. Do your homework and hire the best speakers you can afford for your conference. You can use the internet to gauge the feedback on speakers that you are considering. Today people are glad to give their opinions online, of what they thought about someone who gave a speech to them or ran a seminar. Use this to determine who to hire. Look for those speakers who are both knowledgeable and passionate and who are interested in providing more than they are being paid to do. Selecting the right person will improve attendance at your event and keep your attendees happy.

Offer Multiple Speaker Tracks

They will be many different important investment topics covered at your conference and some of your attendees will only be interested in specific subjects. Because of this, you need expert speakers in a wide range of investment subject matters to insure that everyone feels accommodated. Think about your attendees and make sure there a speaker and a topic covered at your conference for each of them.

Organize Networking Time

One of the main reasons that people come to investment conferences is to meet people they have heard about and to make new contacts in the field. Because of this, you conference attendees will expect that there is considerable formal time to do some networking.  You should plan a few cocktail mixers or a luncheon to give people a chance to mingle and get some personal time with others at the conference. Make sure that you make it informal enough that it is easy for people to approach and be approached.

Toronto is a lovely city that your conference attendees will be excited to visit. Make sure that they have a wonderful conference by following these tips.