How to Improve Your Management Skills  

Leadership is a great quality to have, regardless of your industry or position, you should always look to be a strong leader. For some people, they are born with the instinct to lead, this isn’t a characteristic that everyone possesses and it is a skill that must be worked on. Successful people who understand effective business management like George Bardwil, all display a certain set of skills that set them apart, it is these skills that make them successful leaders. If you wish to improve your management skills then here are the key areas that you should be looking at.


Gaining Respect

 Without respect it is far more difficult to be a great leader, you must not only earn respect but maintain it once you have it. Many think that strong leadership is getting mad each day for small matters and blasting your team when they make mistakes. Firm and fair is always the approach to take, praise when due and sufficient action when required. Consistency is also key when managing a team to command respect, you should treat everyone the same. Gaining respect also comes from smart thinking and sensible decision making, if you wish for people to follow you then you need to show them that you know the way.

 Stay on Track

 Whatever type of manager you are it is imperative that you stay up to date with any changes in your industry, any trends that are occurring and any gap that exists in the market. Your responsibility as manager is to lead your team into the direction of your choosing, keeping on top of current affairs in your sector will provide you the opportunity to seek out the gaps in the market and capitalize. Making time each day to inform your self of what is going on will pay great dividends for you and your team.

 Open Your Ears

 It is the responsibility of the manager to take good decisions, a great manager will make decisions based on all of the information available to them. Listening to colleagues, staff and clients is the key to good decision making, within the workplace you need to create an environment of trust where staff are not afraid to come forward with thoughts and ideas. It will always be upon you to make a final decision but the arguments for and against should not be yours alone.


 Motivation is the key to a happy team and it should come from you, their manager, you should be the most motivated person at work. You cannot expect staff to be motivated if you are flat, regardless of what is happening away from work you must stay driven and encourage your team to be the same. Being in tune with what is going on with your staff can also help you find the best ways to motivate them, find out what makes them tick, perhaps they enjoy a challenge, you should do whatever you need to in order to motivate your team and gain maximum results.