Invest in the Best Year-Round Vacation Rental

vacation rental
Photo by CC user Chuck 55 on Flickr.

Do you feel like the time has come for a vacation? What about more than one vacation in 2017?

For millions of Americans, the idea of getting away from it all for a period of time sounds quite relaxing.

That said money, being able to secure time away from work or school, having someone watching your home while you are gone etc. can all prove challenging at times.

So, what is the best road to take when it comes to finding a year-round vacation rental for you and yours?

Do Your Research Before Making a Choice

So that you are able to make an educated decision when it comes to finding yearly vacation rentals with which to choose from, remember a few pointers:

• Internet – Unlike the years prior to the worldwide web turning into the huge monster is has become, many people searching for vacation rentals relied on word-of-mouth, newspaper ads, radio and TV etc. Fast-forward to today, the Internet is a wonderful resource for finding out all kinds of information, including where you might best vacation. Making matters even before for you is that many vacation rental property owners are present on the Internet. This allows you to not only get information on the available properties, but also see pictures (videos in some cases too) of all those open for rental. Along with using vacation rental websites, don’t forget to turn to social media too. Even if some vocational rental property owners are not socially active (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc.), there are likely renters on those sites having active discussions. Once you are able to get into those talks, you can ask questions of renters about which properties/areas they found to be most appealing during their respective experiences;
• Word-of-mouth – Although the Internet has fast become many people’s go-to-source for information, you can’t overlook word-of-mouth, especially when shopping for vacation rentals. The closest folks to rely on would be family and friends. Starting with family, check with those not living under your roof about their vacation rental experiences. Were they ones they would do all over again? If not, what didn’t they like about a certain property or properties? You can also gauge how they felt about those owning the properties, along with what kind of service they received during the rental process. As for your friends, ask the same of them. Did they have good experiences (especially with year-round rentals) while on vacation? Were there any particular areas of the country that they thought made the most sense to rent in? By asking those around you for their two cents, you will be better able to make the best decision for you and your money.

Taking Care of the Property

• Rental property conditions – In order to have a smooth rental property agreement (and ultimately vacations year-round to enjoy), make sure you understand any and all contract language. When renting a year-round property, keep in mind that you are typically responsible for the upkeep of the residence in terms of basic maintenance. From shoveling snow to cutting the lawn and/or trimming shrubs, know what you are getting into. If you are looking to escape such responsibilities, a year-round vacation rental is probably not the best scenario for you and/or your family;
• Having guests over – Finally, while you are more than likely confident that any house guests you have over (family and/or friends) will not trash the place, give them a subtle reminder. When you are renting a property from another individual or individuals, you still have responsibility for the condition you ultimately leave it in. Make sure any guests you let stay there understand that too.

Just as you would take time investing in a home business, the same patience and researching should hold true for year-round vacation rentals.

Remember, you’re spending some valuable money here, so make sure you get what you pay for.

Otherwise, your vacations may turn into leaving you broke and unhappy when all is said and done.