Ways in Which You Can be Investing Your Money

Real estate is one of the many ways in Which You Can be Investing Your Money
Photo by CC user podlesakpetr on Pixabay

So you’ve worked hard, you’ve saved your money well and now you are sitting on a lump sum of cash and you don’t know what to do with it, well we’re help to help you decide on what you should be doing with that extra cash that you have. You could of course, leave it there, save it for a rainy day, a far better option however is to put it to work, use the money you have to make even more through investments. If you are looking to invest some cash, then here are some great places that you could look to put it.

Real Estate

Many people will often tell you to put your money in bricks and mortar, and to be honest they would be right to do so, property is a great place to start investing your money, you have great profit potential and it is an exciting place to put your money. Patrick Dwyer financial advisor for Merrill Lynch manages hundreds of accounts in Miami and many of his investors have recently turned their attention to real estate. There can be huge upsides to real estate investment if you are smart and you could look to buy low and sell high or to purchase a property for rental purposes which will give you monthly dividends.

Oil Industry

The oil industry can offer fruitful investments for those who want to get involved in a different form of investment. One of the best places to start in the oil industry is in the futures market, futures are a contract that you can buy and sell which predict the price of oil on a certain date in the future. If the oil goes above that price on the expiry date then you can be guaranteed a certain amount of oil at the lower price. These contracts are regularly bought and sold and you can make money when they expire if the oil price looks good, or even make money through selling the contracts themselves at an earlier date.


Start-ups rely heavily on investors and with so many new businesses being created each year, more last year than ever before, there are lots of opportunities to put your money behind a great idea. You should approach with caution when investing in a start-up however, remember that the entrepreneurs who are trying to sell their idea desperately need your cash and will likely tell you that their product or service is the best thing since sliced bread. If investing in a start-up, ensure that you know the business model inside out and try to find a company that is heading into an industry that you already know about. When striking an investment deal, ensure that you negotiate a strong percentage of return on your part and a share option should the business see future success. You never know, you might end up investing in the next YouTube or Facebook.