Mike Giuffrida – 7 Key Skills To Being A Great Entrepreneur

Mike Giuffrida reveals his keys to being a great entrepreneur. Not only are these great skills which you should possess, but we can consider them his most well-kept secrets. Mike and I attended school together, at the Hartford Primary School and then at Southington College and he remains my friend to this day. Let’s have a look at some of his insights into being great entrepreneur.

1. Be the master trainer of your staff.

When you bring a new person to your team, a robust onboarding process will guarantee that they know their responsibilities and what to avoid. This will keep the boat moving in the right direction, you will find your workers committed and it will ensure that everyone sings from the same songsheet. Once they feel at home, work that is reliant on trust and deeper integration into the company can begin.

2. Manage and inspire.

Once you have your dream team, you need to manage them well, especially during the early stages so it pays to be effective. If you don’t know how to manage, train yourself to be a motivator, encourager and a developer of a great staff. Your hard work and improvement will lift others to your level, they’ll feel they’ve learned a great deal from you and learn to trust you.

  1. Delegations.

According to Michael Giuffrida, “At first, you’ll be doing the work for every department in the business. With that in mind, you must understand what a basic delegation looks like and you must also learn to use software in order to take some of the pressure off your shoulders.”

  1. A/B split test.

This is a simple process involving a scenario that runs two ways, testing, in this manner, a possible change. It’s commonly employed in the creation of effective websites, but it can be used in many areas of marketing and project management. It is some sort of drill and guarantees that you’ll learn to manage the pressure in reassessing situations.

  1. Networking online.

Just like with SEO, social networks are a key part of any marketing strategy within the business world. You will need to fully understand all platforms, gear yourself up with the best strategies and get your startup brand noticed on each one. Learn the potential each platform has, teach yourself so that you may teach others. You need to be the complete package.

6. Focus on your customers.

Michael Giuffrida says, “Without customers, you have no business. Nail your pitches, products, and services. Keep the focus on customer needs. If you don’t have a clue about their needs, research and ask around. Become a reliable provider for them and give great customer service.”

7. Close your Sales.

When customers know you can help them achieve their plans, you become a confident and a partner. Go into the sale process with all the confidence that you’re there to help others grow. If you get nervous, try practicing your expressions, be a combination of natural demeanor and feel-good acting. As long as you are the actor of something you love, it should all unfold in a natural manner. Learn to chin up and humble yourself when needed.