What Skills Do Financial Advisors Need



If you have a love of numbers and finance then a choosing a career path like Patrick Dwyer financial advisor could be a great step for you and give you a job that is thoroughly rewarding in a professional, personal and financial sense. There is much to learn about this side of finance and you must be prepared to work hard on perfecting your knowledge of finance in order to do such a job. Aside from having the technical knowledge to become a financial advisor and of course having the passion for finance, there are number of core skills which you are going to need, let’s take al look at what they are.


When you are working with a client you need to be able to sell them what you are offering, your advice and in order to do so you need to have all of the skills that a sales person requires. You should be able to persuade your client that what you are offering is a smart choice as well as being able to understand what their needs are, and how you can best help them.


Financial advisors are required to have knowledge of the inner workings of all fields of finance and this will require a great deal of hard work from you. Much of time will be spent analyzing markets, financial movements and changes and you willed to be able to assess all of this and make smart decisions which you can then give to your customers.


Honesty is a key trait in the role of financial advisor as you will be judged very much on your word when it comes to gaining new clients. If a client cannot believe you then they are unlikely to do business with you such is the sensitivity of the job which you are doing.


Remember that as a financial advisor you are dealing with one of the most personal things of a client, their money, and as such you will need to have a high level of discretion when you approach the subject of money with your client.

Will to Win

Remember that you are advising your money so that you can protect their finances as well as looking to help them increase their own wealth. In order to do this to the best of your abilities, you should look upon their finances as if they were your own and you should have a strong desire to win so that you can give your clients the best financial advice possible.


In order to attract and maintain clients’ loyalty, you should be likable and warm so that you can not only breed trust from your clients but also so that you can attract more clients in the future. Your advice needs to be on point and you must be able to strike up a relationship with your client.