What to Look For in an Online Casino 

I have spent a number of years gambling on a wide range of casino sites and for the last 2 of those years I have been using the same casino which I actually stumbled by accident, before realizing just how great this site was.

My online casino of choice is the Unibet casino and in the years previous to finding this site I would use many different sites, searching for one which met my needs. There is an abundance of casinos online which you can choose from, all of which vary in terms of the quality that you should expect from them. If you wish to find the right site for you, here is what you should be looking for.

User Experience

When you hit a new website the last thing that you want is broken links or difficult navigation when you are simply trying to have some fun. The website should be fast, it should be easy to find your way around and most importantly it should be a clean website which is not overloaded with all manner of pop-ups and calls to action. A great casino should look good and be very easy for you to use.

Mobile Options

The casino of your choice should be easy to access on mobile too, one of the blessings of gambling online in the 21st Century. The best option here is that the website which you choose has a fully integrated app so that you can do your gambling no matter where you are, at the very least it should have a website which is optimized for mobile usage.


My experience of some casinos online when it comes to banking have been atrocious and there are so many which appear to make it as difficult as possible for you to withdraw your winnings. Of course very casino is well geared up for deposits, they’d be fools not to. Some casinos need a wealth of information from you before you withdraw and then it takes over 5 days to actually see that money in your account. When searching for the right online casino you need to ensure that you can deposit via the method which you prefer and that withdrawals are not a tricky affair.

Range of Games

Some casinos online will specialize in certain games which they will push quite heavily but they should also offer you a solid range of casino games which you can play on. Unfortunately there are casinos who put so much effort into promoting poker or roulette, that they end up offering limited selections of other games. The idea of an online casino is to enjoy the casino experience without actually being there, to do that you need to have a solid range of games.

Richer Casinos

Some of the lower budget online casinos offer terrible percentages in terms of win rates and these should be avoided at all costs. Whereas a large and wealthy online casino may offer slot win rates at something around 71%, these lower budget casinos may have slashed that to 50% in order to avoid losing big amounts of money.

These are the basic requirements which you should expect from the online casino of your choice.