Reasons to Call a DUI Defense Attorney

Driving while the senses are impaired by alcohol is a serious offense and not something anyone wants to be arrested for. If you were recently apprehended for a DUI, you are probably wondering how best to go about pleading your case. You might have heard that the state will designate a public attorney to defend you, but are wondering if you should hire a DUI defense attorney instead. Read on, to understand the reasons why calling a DUI defense lawyer is something you should do.

A DUI Arrest is Serious Business

Not many people truly understand the danger behind driving while being inebriated, or how seriously the American legal system regards those who break the laws regarding such behavior. Not only is getting arrested something that goes on your record forever and affects future job or housing opportunities but getting convicted for a DUI in Florida could lead you to lose your driving permit and insurance cover from your vehicle insurance, and still, cost a lot in fines. If you have been taken into custody for a DUI (especially if you are innocent), you will want the best possible representation you can find. Thus, you seriously need to consider calling a DUI defense attorney.

The First Call is Free

If you have never had an altercation with the judicial system, you may find that things are more complicated than it seemed on your favorite Law sitcom. Navigating the legal system can be very confusing, and there can be penalties if you make mistakes. Because most DUI defense attorneys will offer a free appointment to every new client, you can contact one and seek clarification about your case which will help you, at the very minimum, avoid a few pitfalls such as having to pay higher bail prices, or being detained until trial – even if you decide not to hire that particular attorney.

The Extra Cost is Worth It

Because of the fact that the state of Florida offers free representation through its public defenders, you may consider the idea of getting a private DUI defense attorney an unnecessary extra cost. While a public defender may have the expertise after trying lots of cases as well as the experience of dealing with the legal regime in Orlando and also come free of charge, they are often under immense pressure from dealing with multiple cases at a time, and will likely find it difficult to give your case all the attention it will need in order to secure the most positive outcome possible for you. Also, while a state-assigned attorney will stand for you in a court of law, you will still need to face the DMV, which comes with its own complicated procedures. If public defenders will not represent you at the DMV in Orlando, Florida DUI defense attorney representation is your best bet as you definitely do not want to face the DMV alone.

Being apprehended by the police for a DUI is definitely a grave situation. If you wish to minimize the damaging effects it can have on your future, you have to call a DUI defense attorney.