Careers For Those With Math Skills: Financial Advisor

As part of our efforts to look at what career best matches with your natural abilities we are going to take a look today at one of the ways you can maximize you abilities in the world of math. Not everyone can crunch numbers and in fact, many people simply don’t get it. One such career choice available to those with great understating of numbers is that of a financial advisor.


Financial advisors need to have a firm understanding of not only numbers but economics, they should be fully up to date of what is happening across global markets and international economies as well as having their eyes always open for investment opportunities. to everyone has what it takes to advise people on what they should do with their wealth and your reputation as a financial advisor will be very much dictated through the results that you are able to produce.

As the wealth management arm of the Bank of America, Merrill Lynch has a reputation for being one of the World’s leading financial service providers. Let’s take a look at one of their most successful traders and see what skills he displays that you need to have in order to make it in as a financial advisor.

Miami Man

Adam Rosenfeld Miami based advisor who works for Merrill Lynch as been a financial advisor for over 16 years and has experience at industry giants Morgan Stanley before he moved on to Merrill Lynch. Throughout his career he has utilized his skills and abilities and is now qualified as not only a financial advisor but also as a FINRA certified broker. Rather than focussing on solely one area of financial planning and wealth management, Rosenfeld has added various strings to his financial bow and currently offers advice on areas such as financial planning, portfolio management for both individuals and businesses, pension consulting and securities portfolio management. As a result of his success and his ability to gain clients’ loyalty Adam works with some of Merrill Lynch’s biggest clients and controls millions of dollars worth of assets.

How You Can Do It

The natural gift that you have for numbers need to be exercised like a muscle and if you have plans to follow in Adam’s footsteps then you will need to invest a lot of time in understanding the financial markets. You will need to be part economist, part strategist, part statistician in order to be a full time and successful financial advisor.

Gone are the days where a financial advisor’s only responsibility was their results and in the competitive industry of financial services an advisor needs to be able to treat their clients in such a way that gains their loyalty, their trust and ultimately their business. A strong financial advisor also needs to be able to sell, the idea that they have for their clients’ investment needs to be sold to them in order for the client to wish to take a chance with they money and you will need to be knowledgeable, likable and convincing in order to succeed.