How You Family Can Benefit From a Financial Professional


As many families around the country are doing right now, my family and I have been working hard for the past year to get our finances in order and try to become more financially comfortable. As many of you will know, this is not something which is always easy to achieve and it can take a lot of hard work and struggle to make all of the ends meet.

I had a chance meeting with an old school friend Andrew Corbman in May of last year, Andrew is now working financial services and he spoke to me about the benefits of hiring a financial advisor. I wasn’t sure at first, I always thought that only the mega rich and big businesses used these services but I took the chance anyway. This turned out to be one of the smartest moves that I have ever made and here is how your family too can benefit from a financial advisor.

Monthly Bills

The first thing that our advisor did after speaking with us was to set to work on lowering our monthly bills and in just a few short weeks she had managed to save us over $200 each month. I couldn’t believe it! The way she did this was by speaking to all of our providers and searching for better deals and promotions which existed. Any worries I had about her fee quickly went away when I saw how much she saved us straight off the bat.

Savings Plan

I had no idea where or how to save for my children’s futures and our advisor spoke at length with us about the many options that we had. Here I stand 12 months on a great deal more confident about paying for my kids’ college education when the time comes and much of the additional savings that we have made each month, are now carefully saved in smart savings accounts.


I was worried that a financial advisor was going to arrive and judge us for how we spend money but she didn’t. Instead she spoke with us about tracking our spending and coming up with a monthly budget and we soon saw ourselves that we were frittering quite a lot of money away. Thanks to our advisor’s help, we now are much more careful with how we spend our money and we continue to track how we spend.


Because of the contacts and the access that our financial advisor had, we were able to re-negotiate our mortgage and get much more favorable terms by way of interest. Through doing this we were able to save almost $100 per month on our mortgage with reducing or increasing the term of ur mortgage agreement.

I would urge any family that is looking to tighten the reins a little and get their finances in order to consult a financial advisor in order to support their financial management, it really was one of the best moves that I have ever made for our family’s financial wellbeing.