Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur

So you are thinking of going into business for yourself? You fancy yourself an entrepreneur? In order to be successful on this journey there are certain characteristics you should possess:


Starting a business is not just a short term investment or something you can back out of easily when things get rough; it is an ultramarathon. You need to be able to deal with uncertainty, the fear, the unknown and the dreams of the future no matter how good or bad things may be going on any particular day. You can call it perseverance, persistence, determination, commitment, resilience, bit what it is, is a true characteristic every successful entrepreneur has.


Many people think that someone decides to be an entrepreneur and to get into business for themselves out of a desire for money. But most entrepreneurs will tell you they are actually driven and fueled by a passion for the industry, product, service, or community they are going into business for. It could be a passionate drive to make a change, to give people a better or cheaper opton, or to take a stand for something you believe in. Whatever it may be, without passion you will not last for very long.


This classic trait is key to being a successful business owner because it takes bravery day in and day out to withstand the fear of uncertainty that comes with being an entrepreneur and accepting the risk for potential failure. You have to be able to successfully manage fear or it will manage and control you. There are many fears lurking behind every step of the business path, and you have to be brave enough to follow your dreams.


Another defining traits of someone chasing the dream of entrepreneurship is having the vision to see a good opportunity and imagine something that no one else has even dreamed of yet. Entrepreneurs have a strong and underlying sense of curiosity that identifies needs, markets, concepts, and products that have gone unexplored or undeveloped. This is essential and is often what compels someone to finally take that steps and be in business for themselves.


Self-confidence is a key trait every entrepreneur must have. If you do not believe in yourself and what you are trying to do no one else will- especially at the start when you are trying to prove to everyone that you can do this and that you are a business that can be successful. It’s a belief that turns the risk into motivation and the fear into goals.


Business survival is like the survival of any other species on the planet, it is reliant on adaptation. Your final product or service will most likely go through many evolutions and changes before you are finally satisfied with it and before you are successful. As an entrepreneur you have to be willing to adjust, bend, make adjustments, and change things in order to keep moving forward. If you get hung up on an original concept or design you may never see the growth you want and need.

Are you entrepreneur material? If you have these key characteristics then you may have the foundation you need to begin building from. If you have a dream chase it and see where it leads!