The Top MBA Programs in the US

Getting a Masters Degree is a big investment into your future and takes a lot of commitment to finish. If you are considering continuing you current education with a MBA degree then you need to know what schools to look at when it comes to sending out those applications and letters of interest. Here are the top 15 US schools that offer a MBA program and what you need to know about each one:


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  #1 Stanford   $127 K  Offers a range of programs that span many business niche markets and industries. $86 K $255 K $127 K 730
  #2 Harvard   $139 K  Has one of the strongest focuses on business degrees and offers several strongly focused MBA programs. $85 K $239 K $139 K 730
  #3 Northwestern (Kellogg)   $128 K  A popular choice for MBA programs thanks to its reputation for producing quality graduates. $72 K $188 K $128 K 720
  #4 Columbia   $136 K  More than 90% of graduates are employed in their field after graduation from the business program.  $77 K $208 K $136 K 716
  #5 Dartmouth (Tuck)   $135 K  This MBA program boasts almost 100% employment rate for its graduates and impressive salary records too. $78 K $190 K $135 K 720
  #6 Chicago (Booth)   $128 K  One of the oldest schools in the US there is a great wealth of history passed on to its graduates each year. $75 K $200 K $128 K 730
  #7 Pennsylvania (Wharton)   $137 K   Students at Wharton may choose from 18 majors and over 200 electives within the MBA program.  $83 K $207 K $137 K 728
  #8 UC Berkeley (Haas)   $120 K  Top employers for graduates include Google, Amazon, and other big business leaders.  $72 K $180 K $110 K 720
  #9 MIT (Sloan)   $130 K  There are three fields to choose from: entrepreneurship and innovation, finance or enterprise management. $77 K $200 K $130 K 710
  #10 Cornell (Johnson)   $125 K  Low annual admittance makes it hard to get in but the quality of the instructors and classes is impressive. $63 K $150 K $123 K 700
   #11 Yale    $140 K  Yale developed the “raw” case approach, a teaching method that has proven to be very successful.   $70 K  $155 K  $130K  710
  #12 Duke (Fuqua)   $124K  The quality of education provided and reputation of the university is key to the success of its students. $62 K $160 K $128 K 700
  #13 UNC (Kenan-Flagler)   $128 K  Dell, Bank of America, Barclays, and Ebay are key employers for graduates of this MBA program. $60 K $145 K $113 K 700
  #14 Texas-Austin (McCombs)   $59.3 K  Consulting, Logistics, Accounting, and Maintenance are the key programs for the MBA school. $71 K $152 K $96 K 700
  #15 Michigan (Ross)   $113 K  Around 25% of the yearly class enrollment comes from non-traditional backgrounds. $66 K $168 K $122 K 710