Easy set-up, easy investing: EZtrader

Those looking for an easy investing experience needn't look any further than EZTrader

Are you a ‘glass half-full’ type of person, or do you see the glass half empty? That natural optimism or pessimism could be the key to unlocking profits when you trade with EZtrader, the service which specialises in binary options trading.

The special thing about EZtrader’s binary options trading is that speculating on a rise (“call”) or fall (“put”) in value over a very short span of time – just seconds or minutes – can yield high percentage profits, even if the actual change in value is miniscule. You could see your money doubled when the actual value of an instrument has only gained or lost a fraction of a unit of currency. All you have to do is decide whether it’s going to be higher or lower at the end of that short session.

But the value of what? Stocks like Tesco, BP, Barclays, BMW, H&M, Facebook, Coca Cola, Apple… Commodities like gold, silver, copper, crude oil…. Currencies like GBP, USD, AUD, JPY, EUR, AUD… And indices like FTSE, S&P, Dow Jones… And that’s just a thin slice of the pie.

The added benefit – and it’s quite a major one – is that unlike with forex trading, where you can end up losing more money than you deposited, the risk is limited to the sum you bet on that specific call or put. So, no nasty surprises.

EZ by name, easy by nature: the service is free to join and trade, and it has an extremely fast and simple registration process. You can use the website – or the app for extra convenience – and you can even scan your credit card to make deposits faster.

The minimum first deposit is 200 units of your chosen currency (you have the option of EUR, USD or GBP), and 100 at a time after that. But if you open with 1250 then you get a whopping 650 bonus. You’ve got a flexible choice over currency when you start up, and then whichever you choose to begin with will remain the same for all future trades.

Once the money’s in the pot, it’s so simple to start watching it grow. Trading takes place Monday to Friday, and visiting the trading area tab gives a list of all the options. Scroll through to choose the option which interests you (maybe you see an empty glass for retail today, but a full glass for the tech industry?) and select call or put, and the value you wish to bet on this (anything between 2 and 2500). You can even hedge your bets and put money on each side! Follow the progress of the options and view the closing result in the open and closed tab.

When you’re ready to cash your profits, you will have your deposit returned to the original card (this is to comply with money laundering regulations), whilst the profits will be wired to your bank account for a fee. You can withdraw anything above 100 units at a time.

And of course, your card and bank details are safely stored using secure encryption and SSL certificates, so the only thing you need to worry about is which option to choose next, and whether it’s going to be a call or put.

Even if you’re naturally a ‘glass-half empty’ kind of person, the financial possibilities of EZTrader will surely help you visualise it filling up and up and up; such is life when tools like this make for easy investing.