How to Use Your Money to Make More Money

The old adage is true, money breeds money and whilst there are always ways to create something from nothing, having capital from the get-go is the best method of making even more money. If you have some savings that you’ve been building over recent years then you should explore the possibility of using them to generate more money.  There are several ways in which you can do this and it is something that you should most certainly be looking into, if you have money sat in a savings account then you could be losing the opportunity to grow your savings. If you fall in to this bracket then here are some ways that you can use your money to make more money.


Review Your Savings Accounts

Many people simply use the savings accounts that their banks offer them when they set up their current account, the average APY (Annual Percentage Yield of interest) is a measly 0.06%, a staggeringly low percentage when you consider how vital customers and their money are to banks. You should look into options of moving your money to a bank account that offers you a higher yield, there are savings accounts out there that can offer you closer to 1%, a huge increase on your yield and more money in your pocket just for having money in the first place.


Investing your money can be a great way of increasing its value, whether you opt for real estate, stocks and shares or start-up enterprises you have the opportunity to turn your money into huge profits. Naturally you should know everything about the industry that you are investing in before taking the plunge and you should use professionals in financial management to talk through your decisions. Making the right decisions with your investments however could prove to be extremely fruitful and increase that pot of cash that you are sitting on.

Take Risks

Online gambling isn’t for everyone but it is the perfect place where you can making easy money if you have a large amount to begin with. Take betting for example, the lower the odds, the more likely something is to happen, at the same time, lower odds mean lower returns so it makes no sense to use small stakes on lower odds. Large stakes on low odds however can give you generous returns on a daily basis if you so wish and you will soon see the money pile growing. The same goes for online sites like, betting on red or black for example can instantly double your money if you get it right, there is a 50/50 chance of success and it may well be your lucky day. It goes without saying that if you plan on a little bit of risk taking such as this then be cautious with how much money you are laying down.

Get Rewarded

The financial industry absolutely loves people with money, they give you more trust, more options and more freedom and you should reap all of the benefits that you can for you frugal attitude. One such way of helping yourself is by taking advantage of credit cards and the rewards that they offer. Whether it be making the most of airline offers, free travel miles, supermarket discounts or monthly special offers, using a credit card instead of cash can give you huge advantages that many simply couldn’t even qualify for, go ahead, you earned it!