Four cost-saving tips on how to extend your business printer’s life

Knowing how to extend your business printer’s life will save you tons of money
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A busted business printer is a real operational bummer – it reduces productivity and even halts sales in many cases. Business printers can be costly and making it last as long as possible will always make good cents. The path to longevity is tough, especially if you can’t control the amount of time your business requires using the printer.

First things first. If you’re in the business printer buying phase, then consider Multi-Function Printers. These type of printers can print, copy, fax, store, sync with mobile, etc. Plus, they tend to last longer than conventional printers. Simply click here for a3 printers and know more why they’re best for your business.

Now, the good thing is that there are steps you can take to make your precious printer running longer regardless of the amount of copying and printing your business does every day.


  1. Use only brand-specified cartridges in your printer. Most companies who manufacture a printer also designate a cartridge for their specific printer brands. Do not focus on saving money by purchasing sub-quality toner or ink cartridges to your printer. Using these poor-quality cartridges can cause long-term damage to the machine and cost you more in repairs or replacement than you saved.


  3. Establish a regular printer maintenance. Even a tough “workhorse” printer requires some TLC. Utilizing preventative maintenance allows your business to avoid printer break downs and unprecedented replacement because parts are replaced, cleaned, and inspected regularly. Doing printer maintenance also lets the printer work in peak quality for your marketing materials and important documents. Most companies who sell business printers also have experienced technicians who can maintain and clean your machines. Plus, you won’t be in danger of voiding your warranty.


  5. Don’t disregard minor errors. Even the smallest disregarded error can become a major issue in the long run. Designate a key contact person or one of your staff to compile a list of issues and discuss it with your technician or the seller. This system will keep your business from incurring significant costs for future replacement if it comes down to that. In some cases, though, it really is just human error. This is why it’s important for everyone who uses a business printer to read its user manual to let them understand any issues they come up with while using the printer.


  7. Create backups for your printer files. You should develop system backups for those unfortunate times when the business printer breaks down, so you can still fulfill customer orders and provide service, and more importantly to avoid causing more damage trying to use the malfunctioning machine. The best course of action is contacting the printer manufacturer, so you can strategically maintain the printer.


If you want to use your printer for extended periods and expect it to work effectively for years, then your first step should be to obtain tough industry business printers that has all the features you need. Multi-function Printers are what modern businesses use.

There you have it! Showing your business some TLC by learning how to extend your business printer’s life will surely let it work for the long-term and keep your business running smoothly.