Opening a Salon? Here Are the Tools You Need for Success

As one of the most successful business opportunities, salons are growing in popularity. While salons are a widely successful industry, it does take quite a bit of money and equipment to get the business up and running. Because most salons offer a wide variety of hair options, including cutting, coloring, and styling, in order to be successful and meet the needs of your clients, there are specific equipment items and tools your business needs to thrive.


If you are considering opening up your own salon, here is a list of the necessary equipment you will need to get your business off of the ground:

Appointment Book

Organization is key to any business’s success. Without it, appointments would be forgotten, receipts and bills lost, and other important information would be misplaced, leaving the business to pay (sometimes literally) for the mistakes. When it comes to running a salon, keeping and using an appointment book is critical to keeping appointments straight and clients happy. Moreover, should someone cancel, you can fill the spot with a last-minute appointment. Many salons use a Salon Booking Software, as the software keeps track of all appointments, streamlining information for the salon. Using the correct organizational tools can keep your business running smoothly.

Styling Chairs

In order to style a client’s hair, you need to have a place for them to sit comfortably. Styling chairs were designed specifically to provide comfort to the client while also adding ease to the stylist’s work, for these chairs rotate smoothly, can adjust easily to height, and the back can release to make it easily accessible for the client to have their hair washed or rinsed. While most of these chairs are often black or grey, many salons customize them in fun colors to add personality into the salon.

Hair Steamers

These are a staple in hair salons, as they are used in both the hair coloring process and the deep conditioning process. These are important as they not only finish each process, they also keep the hair from getting damaged while also healing the hair that already is damaged. In fact, many who color their hair on a regular basis will come back into the salon in between coloring treatments just to have their hair steamed. It hydrates the hair, brings blood flow to circulate on the scalp, and will keep hair healthy and happy.

Styling Station

Most salons have multiple stations set up ready along the walls ready and waiting for clients. While these styling stations can be purchased commercially, a lot of chic salons are decorating personalizing their stations by manufacturing their own out of reclaimed wood, vintage desks, and big framed mirrors with big, bright lights.

Styling Cart

While this is not necessarily a ‘must-have’ tool, it is a tool of convenience. These carts or trolleys are often filled with essential styling tools that a stylist might need for a client but cannot fit at his or her station. They are portable, light weight, and make styling products within easy reach.


These types of sinks, also known as shampoo bowls, are built specifically with styling in mind, as these sinks support the neck of each client. They are also very industrial and can last against the chemicals in hair dye.

Hair Supplies

In order to be ready for every client, it is important to have plenty of supplies available, including hair combs, scissors, brushes, towels, and other styling aids like hair dryers, curling irons, and flat irons. These supplies can often be bought in bulk, which is a cost effective way to make sure your salon is always stocked with supplies.

Hair Products

Similarly, your salon should be stocked up with shampoos, conditioners, gels, mousses, extensions, perm kits, and the proper hair colors and dyes. Not only do you need products for each of your appointments, but it is also key to have them on hand for clients to purchase for at-home use. Many who get their hair done often will purchase their hair products from the salon, as they cannot get quality products anywhere else.

These tools can help you have a successful salon with a long-lasting future.