Set Sail with the Right Invested Boat

If you’re a lover of the water, then it is rather safe to say that having a boat in your life would be something you cherish.

Yes, boats do come with a number of responsibilities and tasks at hand, notably the cost and maintenance factors. That said boats can be one of the best investments a person makes in their lifetime. Along with the enjoyment that a boat can bring individuals and/or families, be it local boating outings or traveling the world, there is also the possibility of some sound investments when one turns to the boating world.


With that in mind, some individuals can have trouble getting out of the docks when it comes to finding the right boat for their needs and pleasure. When that is the case, turning to a boat donation can be the way to set sail.

Opting to purchased a used boat through a boat donation can get one started on enjoying the water without having to buy a high-priced vehicle, one that could take years to save for. Not only will you be getting a high quality watercraft that you can take pride in, but you’ll also know that your purchase is going to help those in need.

Process Can Be Simple and Worry-Free

So just how does a boat donation work? The process is actually quite simple.

Through the efforts of a business which donates boats, someone with a boat for sale reaches out to the former with all the necessary information and imagery.

The seller will of course want to know if they can expect to obtain the entire fair market value for their boat donation. That of course will depend on if the charity provides material improvement to the donated item. Typically, the needed improvements will involve items such as safety devices and communication needs.

Another area of interest when a boat is being donated is the title itself. Those donating boats should at least have a photocopy of the title, though the process will sail more smoothly if the original title is provided. Another benefit to having the original title is that the owner of the vessel is eligible for a tax donation when providing the proper documentation during a donation.

Knowing You’re Getting the Right Boat

For the individual investing in a donated boat, make sure the boat is properly equipped and safe to set sail with.

Areas to be checked include:

  • Engine and all other mechanical features. Along with making sure you don’t end up spending money on parts and other mechanical needs for years to come, you want to make sure the boat will last for years to come, allowing you to get the most out of your investment;
  • Potential injuries – Make sure all wiring is soundly in place. Also check to see that there are no exposed areas where someone could be cut and/or slip on a rug or wet spot;
  • Cleanliness – Given how much water boats come in contact with on a daily basis, it is not uncommon for there to be mold issues if the vessels are not properly cleaned. Look for any discoloring on counter surfaces, window sills, doorways etc. Some boat owners may have just touched the surface when it comes to cleaning their boats, something that could end up making you or family and friends sick over time.

Why a Used Boat?

Boats are similar to cars in the fact that a new one instantly depreciates in value significantly the second it hits the water. Therefore, opting to purchase a used boat will mean you’re getting significant savings.

Depending on your budget, you could end up getting a lot more for your money if you purchase a used boat as opposed to a new one. That will leave extra money for repairs down the line, upgrades to make the boat yours, or marina fees. Buying from a reputable organization will ensure your boat will come ready for water use, and you can expect to fish, water ski, or just lounge the day you get your new boat.

Finding the right boat to invest in will likely take you sometime, but the rewards over time will be something worth taking the plunge for.