Is studying an MBA a good investment?


Choosing to study an MBA is the perfect choice if you are looking to build your career in business. Despite MBAs being expensive they offer a huge range of benefits to make them worth your while. Here are the top 5 reasons why an MBA at GBSB and masters degree programms in Barcelona are an excellent investment.

  1. It boosts your earning potential – Graduates holding an MBA earn on average 5 times as much as those who don’t, there is a significant difference in earning power between those that hold an MBA and those which don’t. If you want to significantly increase the money you make an MBA is for you.
  2. Better Career Opportunities – An MBA opens doors to many high paid powerful postions, those with ambitions to become an executive often require an MBA as a prerequisite. An MBA will give you the skills and knowledge to take these positions and proves to your future employer that you have these skills, giving you the credibility required. An MBA gives you a solid understanding of all aspects of business, a skill that you will need to become a top executive.
  3. Great for Networking – GBSB is a great platform to meet likeminded business professionals, going to a business school gives you access to a powerful network sharing the same powerful ambition as you. Studying at GBSB allows you to meet future entrepreneurs, managers and business executives. 80% of jobs are found through networks, you never know how your connections will be of use to you in the future.
  4. Worldwide Recognition – An MBA from Global Business School Barcelona is recognised thought the world. The MBA is seen by many as to be a signature of quality to those working in business with MBA graduates being held in high esteem.
  5. Develop your soft skills – Studying an MBA will not only make you knowledgeable in the workings of business but will also develop your soft business skills. Students who have studied an MBA report that their presentation skills have improved tremendously where once public speaking was a problem, professionalism and sales skills. An MBA also allows you the chance to develop your organisational skills, a critical skill within business.
    At GBSB there is a particular focus in developing communication skills, as part of the MBA course students must learn another global language.

Find out more about the GBSB MBA program to find out for yourself.