6 Ways to Tell if you Have a Water Leakage

There are many Ways to Tell if you Have a Water Leakage
Photo by CC user U.S. Navy on Wikimedia Commons

A leak in the plumbing system at home can have disastrous results, especially if a pipe were to rupture, and there are certain things you need to do promptly in order to minimise any damage. Some leaks are not immediately obvious, and it could go unnoticed for weeks, and that is when mould occurs, which is closely followed by costly repair bills.

  1. Run a Meter Check – This is how a plumber would initially test for a leak, and it involves turning off all of the faucets and not flushing any toilets or using any appliance that would draw water. Once you have done this, take a precise meter reading, then do the same again half an hour later. If the reading is not identical, it means your system has a leak. If you are in Western Australia, the plumber locals turn to is Peter Stannard Plumbing and Gas, and they can quickly determine if you have a leak.

  1. Damp Patches – The walls or ceilings might reveal a damp area, which is likely caused by a leaking water pipe. In this case, it is not easily accessible, and after turning the water off at the mains, you should call a reputable plumber in your local area, as this can quickly escalate into a major renovation if it isn’t remedied promptly.

  1. Toilet Test – This will determine if the seal is worn and water is seeping from the cistern into the bowl. Listen carefully as you can often hear a faint hissing, and if you want to be absolutely sure, add a few drops of food colouring into the cistern tank and if you see the colour seeping into the bowl, then you have a leak.

  1. Check All Faucets – This will reveal any defective seals and they can easily be replaced, a dripping faucet might not sound like an important issue, but you are wasting water 24/7 and the cost will soon mount up.

  1. Exterior Leaks – These are often accompanied with a damp area of lawn or perhaps there is one area much greener than the rest, which might be caused by a slow underground leak. Concrete will discolour is subjected to seeping water, and if you are unsure how to source an exterior leak, call in a plumber who will use the latest technology to source and fix any leak you might have.

  1. Higher than Normal Water Bills – Some leaks can go undetected for months, and if the loss is substantial, your water bill will be noticeably higher. If you have noticed a rise in water usage, best to call a plumber in, and he can source the leak quickly and repair it before it causes too much damage.

If you are lucky, a water leak will be very visible and usually easy to fix, but in the event the leak is hidden from view, it could cause significant damage if not promptly addressed, so call in a plumber to do a professional repair job.