Why wealth management and financial advice?

In our increasingly complex and ever-changing world it has become difficult to manage one’s wealth and finances efficiently without professional financial and investment advice.

The markets and political horizons constantly change and the world economy poses ever newer challenges that either prove to be threats or opportunities.

Therefore, it is only sensible to reach out to those who have the expert knowledge in the areas of wealth and portfolio management to give yourself the peace of mind that your wealth is being looked after within tolerable levels of risk. Here are some of the main reasons for getting professional financial advice.


Top reasons to get wealth management and financial advice

  • Getting a house

Buying a house is one of the biggest financial decisions of our life. Not only do we need to be careful about the expenses, the location and all the legal formalities, but we also need to be sure we are getting the right mortgage advice. It’s not just the advertised headline interest rate we should chose, it’s the mortgage terms and conditions and what happens after the headline rate changes that’s most important.

  • Planning for your retirement

With people typically living 20 or 30 years in retirement it’s important to ensure your money lasts longer.  An experienced and skilled financial planner can help plan well in advance and can demonstrate what sort of retirement income we will need, how long it will last and how much capital will be required to achieve it. There’s also what happens when you die and ensuring your family or loved ones will not be left struggling financially.

  • Investing for the future

Investing today has becoming increasing complex with a huge choice of available options, much more so than even a decade ago. With the introduction of various new types of investment vehicles, greater uncertainty about markets, less political stability and more economic change, investing carries both risk and reward. In addition there are two things that can erode your investment returns – costs and tax, so financial planning can help you minimize the impact of both so your money works harder for you.

  • Passing your wealth to the next generation

Establishing a trust is a great way of securing your family’s financial future. However, with successive government changes trust laws change and the legal obligations upon trustees mean they can get sued if they don’t get independent and expert financial advice. The key is meeting those responsibilities and achieving the right balance of interests between the life tenants and the equity beneficiaries. To do that having the right mix of asset classes is vitality important as there have many instances in the past where trusts have been invested inappropriately and legal action has followed.


Financial planning is not a luxury and avoiding the cost of paying for a financial planner can be a false economy as getting things wrong can be expensive. An experienced financial advisor will be able to tailor their advice to your personal circumstances, helping you get your investment and other financial decisions right.