Which Gaming Companies Allow Play Without a Swedish License?

Today, many gaming companies are choosing not to get a Swedish license for one reason or another. Some gaming companies find that it’s difficult to get one of these licenses because of the requirements that Sweden has in place. Others find that the restrictions placed on the casinos operating in Sweden reduce the amount of profit the companies can make and limit the options for players. They choose not to license in the country because Swedish nationals can still play at the casinos.

What Restrictions Does Sweden Put on Gaming Companies?

Sweden is serious about its gaming laws and restrictions. Even though they have loosened things over the past few years, they still have some of the strictest rules for online gaming in the world. Ostensibly, the purpose of these restrictions is to make gambling safer and to provide some safety precautions for those who may have gambling problems. However, the restrictions end up affecting everyone, even those who do not have issues with gambling.

One of the reasons that gaming companies are choosing not to get a Swedish license is because they don’t want to be bound by those restrictions. For example, there is currently a deposit limit imposed on Swedish gamers that are gambling at sites with Swedish licenses. This limits the amount they can deposit, which will affect how much they can bet and play. This reduces their potential winnings, and it reduces the potential profit of the gaming company.

This is not the only restriction, though. You will also find that the gaming companies with Swedish licenses have to impose a pause between slot pulls. There has to be a three-second pause before the button can be pushed again. This is meant to deter gamblers from spending too much on the slots. It does slow play, but that’s not ideal for everyone. It might be a “little thing”, but it can get annoying for those who simply want to spend some time on the slots.

One of the other issues with casinos with a Swedish license is that they do not allow for bonuses. After an initial bonus, you won’t be getting further bonuses or free spins. You can’t be part of a VIP club that gets perks and bonuses through these companies. One of the reasons that people spend time searching for a casino is because they want to compare the perks and bonuses that are being offered. Since this isn’t an option with these casinos, it takes away from some of their allure and charm.

One casino is about as good as the next in these cases. This also means that the casinos with a Swedish license will have a much more difficult time standing out and competing with other gaming companies. Naturally, this means they will likely have a lower profit.

Why Are Gaming Companies Without a Swedish License Popular?

As you might have guessed, players in Sweden are not typically happy with the restrictions and requirements mentioned above. They are instead looking for gaming companies that do not have a Swedish license, so they are not subjected to those rules. This has made them quite popular over the past year.

You won’t be restricted with your deposits, and you can make withdrawals relatively easily. There aren’t slot pauses, and you can find a wealth of casinos that offer bonuses and other perks to enjoy. Many gaming companies including Betsoft, Booming Games, ELK Studios, Evolution Gaming, iSoftBet, Playson, Wazdan, and Yggrasil do not have Swedish licenses. You can find a wide range of different types of games to enjoy through these and other gaming companies.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that every casino without a Swedish license will be right for you. You will still need to do your research regarding the casino. Find how where they have a license and what gaming authority regulates them. Learn more about the types of games that are provided, the bonuses, the reputation of the casino, etc. You always want to know as much as possible about any casino you are considering before you join.

Are the Restrictions Always Bad?

It’s important to realize that many of the restrictions that are in place are to help curb gambling for those who have a problem and who are spending money they don’t have. Those who have a gambling addiction should not play at any casino whether it is licensed or not. One of the benefits of casinos in Sweden for problem gamblers is that they have to be part of Spelpaus. This is a system that players can use to take a game break. When they put themselves on the list, they will not be allowed to play at any of the casinos with a license in Sweden.

The restrictions are meant to help people. However, they can get in the way of people who have no problem with gambling from enjoying their time and doing what they want with their money.

Players: Make Your Choice

You have a wealth of options as a Swedish player today. You can opt to choose a casino that is licensed in Sweden if you prefer. These do have some benefits, as they will certainly be in the Swedish language, and if there is a problem, you will often have more recourse than when choosing a foreign casino.

However, with the restrictions that Sweden has put into place with casinos licensed in the country, you might opt for a foreign casino instead. You can find many gaming companies that have opted not to get a license. They have a wide range of games, and they aren’t bound by the same restrictions. The casino utan Svensk licens could be a good option for those players that want to have more freedom.

In the end, it will depend on what you want from your gambling experience and how comfortable you are choosing casinos outside of Sweden. Regardless of which you choose, take the time to learn more about the gaming company, their reputation, the games they offer, restrictions, etc. to find the solution that’s perfect for your gambling needs.